Munga Honorable has dropped the music video for his latest single “Move On.”

The “Fiery” deejay has dropped the visuals for his latest hit “Move On,” which is a follow up to his 2018 effort “Nah Mad.”

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The track sees the deejay returning to familiar territory as he tackles the sensitive topic of domestic abuse. The track comes at an ideal time with a notable upsurge in tragic endings to domestic crimes.

The deejay uses both the track and its visuals to tackle the topic, imploring men to move on from relationships gone bad.

The music video depicts a very wealthy man struggling to get his girlfriend’s attention as she is always on her phone. It reaches its climax when the female invites her side man over after her partner has left for work.

Munga uses the track to warn his fellow men that money doesn’t give you ownership over a woman.

“My yute don’t kill di gyal dem / My girl, don’t trick di man dem / My girl dis is a warning, don’t tek di man tings if yu nuh want him / Rude bwoy yu fi know star / It don’t matta, bad fi bad, yu nuh own har / Cuz money can hol har / A nuh di end of the world / Get yuhself another girl and move on,” Munga spits.

Since its release last week the track has racked up over 77,000 view and 6,000 likes on Youtube. The track is also doing well on the streets and is in heavy rotation on local radio stations.

Watch the video below.

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