It’s been less than 24 hours and Nicki Minaj is outing popular music platform Youtube for slapping restrictions on her official music video for the remix of Likkle Miss.

An irate Minaj took social media to thoroughly express her ill-feelings towards the situation.

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“Imagine this. They restricted my (expletive) video but have things a million (expletive) times worse on their BOGUS (expletive) PLATFORM. This is what they do to keep you from winning while doing ads for other people and posting FAKE (expletive) STATS,” she captioned a shot of the YouTube advisory.

In another post, Minaj still voicing her distress over the situation, said she believed the video was restricted to stop it from getting “a lot of views in the first 24 hours.”

In its message, YouTube said the Likkle Miss video was being age-restricted as the content was not deemed suitable for younger audiences. When a video is age-restricted on the platform, it means it will not be visible to viewers younger than 18 years. It also means users that are logged out of the platform or those who have restricted mode enabled will be unable to view the content.

Republic Records is owned by Universal Music Group, more commonly known as UMG. UMG does, in fact, have a relationship with YouTube—UMG reportedly rules over YouTube content with an iron first. YouTube is known to have a strict copyright policy, in which record labels can flag content that features copyrighted music and some of these flags even come directly from UMG. While Minaj’s accusation has nothing to do with UMG’s copyright presence on YouTube, she is correct in stating that YouTube and UMG (and subsequently Republic Records) have a relationship.

Watch ‘Likkle Miss Remix’ official music video below.

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