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Ever since Jamaican female dancehall artiste Ishawna dropped that oral sex ode entitled ‘Equal Rights’, a lot of ‘tongues have been wagging’ in the dancehall scene. With some stepping out in full support of her, while others bashing her for being so forthright about an act widely frown upon within dancehall music.

The timing was so perfect for Furness to add his voice to the debate, with a witty oneliner in his breakout song ‘Candy Crush’. “Ishawna come check mi from Kingston, seh shi tired a di bwoy wid di big tongue,” sings Furness.

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The song went deeper than that however, to mock phone-addicted men who prefer to spend time on their phones while ignoring the sexual needs of their women. It was complimented by a very humorous video, punctuated with imagery and sounds from the popular ‘Candy Crush’ game.


The video captured the message of the song in a very funny manner, and features Everaldo ‘Evie’ Creary, of bongo-roots band Nomadz, acting as the ‘bunna man’. In his wild and hilarious sex scenes however, one could not ignore how low his head went around the 2:40 mark.

Is the Ras suggesting ‘Equal Rights’, or was he just momentarily writhing from all the intense sex he’s having with the girl, ignored by her phone-addicted boyfriend?

You watch it, and tell us what you think.



Update Your Friends
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