We don’t know about you but as ReniGAD says “wi a di man” and we’re totally hanging on for this trip as he dives into producing solo tracks.

With the break from straight ‘girl tunes’ ReniGAD is wasting no time showing off his lyrical skills as he deliver on new single ‘Brand’ with a vibrant video for the fans.

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A veteran in the entertainment space, and without question a master of subtle reinvention, ReniGAD reminds us of his attentiveness to happenings as he sings, “Solomon Levi yeah wi street wise”.  A line in the second verse of ‘Brand’ that will have you hitting up Google. When you do, prepare for an unintended rush of respect you’ll feel for the lyrical attentiveness he serves up on this mello track.

True to his natural persona, the lyrics delivered are definitely not short of humor, a certain vibe that will have you showing off your pearly white 32s without hesitation like ReniGAD does at 00:13 seconds in the visuals when he sings ” T-shirt an straight jeans Sneakers white Colgate teeth/ Clean when we shower like JLP / Step with the power like PNP”.

Though not his usual instructional girls tune, he hasn’t left out the ladies who add a little extra sauce to the visuals with their easy-going dance moves as ReniGAD reminds ” We no know bout them we a the man / Full a sauce like we a frying pan”. We recommend you catch a little steam from this visual frying pan at 0:07 seconds… thank him in the comments under the official video.

Take a minute to just check out the beat though, the smooth, connecting vibe a true ’90s dancehall riddim can deliver will lock you in to every note as he reminds, “everything a brand, si di watch pan mi hand, gold chain like a ’90s brand”.

In entertainment reinventing your style is a must to keep the fans high on your vibes. And if that means drawing for that ’90s vibe that propelled dancehall beyond the shores of it’s island home Jamaica, then why not.

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