For dancehall fusion artiste, Schen, understanding the business of music became a priority, and, as such, she took a step back after her breakthrough a few years ago to master her craft and acquire knowledge.

For 2022, Schen decided to re-emerge with the track Round Two, which features Demarco. The single sets the tone for her current release, Rule Book, which made its way to digital streaming platforms on October 5.

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In the track, Schen leaves no stones unturned as she takes jabs at females who, according to her, need a page from her ‘rule book’. For Schen, the book comprises a set of rules that women should follow in order to recognise and maintain their value, especially in relationships.

The artiste shoots shots at those females who stay unhappy in relationships while financially supporting men who add no value to their lives.

Schen shared that she has been receiving positive responses from fans so far.

“I am thankful that my music is able to create a wave for my supporters to ride. Since the release of the track, I’ve been paying attention to the new countries that are getting introduced to my music and it’s been an overwhelming experience. But I’m ready to set my precedent while having fun with my fans. I am pleased to be creating music that my fans can enjoy as much as I do,” she said.

Watch Below.

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