Dancehall Artiste Skillibeng

Dancehall artiste Skillibeng’s latest offering, the official music video for ‘Crocodile Teeth’ is currently trending at number one in Jamaica via YouTube.

‘Crocodile Teeth’ secured the top spot after rocking close to 400,000 views in two days.

The gritty single is produced by produced by Johnny Wonder & Adde Instrumentals, while Skillibeng and Eastsyde Records recruited Simeon Hedge to directed the visuals.

“Bare chopstick / Yow, unuh nuh know badness / Top striker Doh ask mi, ask smaddy pon di road and see / Fulla AK, Bare madness / Clear way when e Draco ah sing / Yeah man, e clip ram up / E ‘K nah itch / Unuh doh bad, ah bare talking,” he spits over the

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Music Video Below.

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