After days of shenanigans, Spice official releases official visuals with her lover.

Spice Official today released the official music video for the single ‘Mine Mine Mine’ apart of her Captured Mixtape EP.

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Spice official first went viral on after posting a teaser image of her boyfriend shirtless and posing seductively.

She immediately came under backlash from fellow genre member Dovey Magnum who started claims of spice ‘false calming’ another woman’s property.

However, Spice continued to post images/videos of her ‘man’ as the days went by, even a seemingly sensual video of the couple having loads of fun in a swimming pool at an undisclosed location in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stream ‘Mine Mine Mine’ Below.

Spice Official, whom is now popularly operates under the moniker ‘the queen of Dancehall,’ has amassed an estimate of 5 Million streams and counting since the start of her 2019 musical campaign.

Spice started of the year by releasing her first official music video ‘Cool It,’ off the Capurted Mixtape which is at an estimate 1.6M views, followed by Body Right (300K) and Trouble feat Desta Garcia (800k), resulting in Youtube = 2.7M.

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