The Queen Of Dancehall has turnt things up a notch at the end of Q4 when it comes to her music !

Despite being fairly dormant for most of 2020 Spice accomplished to complete 6 singles and one collaboration with UK’s Cadenza and Ms Banks. the artiste has amassed over 30 million streams with bare-minimum promotional campaigns or appearances.

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However, nearing the end of Q4 Spice has seemingly found a new found flair and has released, in the month of December, three all new singles and have accompanied them with visuals.

Her video for ‘Clean’ which was released last week, peaked at the #1 position on the coveted Apple Video Charts and currently is the #2 trending video on YouTube in Jamaica.

Spice Dancehall

The Queen Of Dancehall has just released a brand new track entitled ‘Hygiene’ which is produced by Dancehall new comers Cashment Records & Daddiron Entertainment.

When contacted for a statement from the QOD about the single and her upcoming musical year, she had this to share.

“Proper Hygiene is always a big thing for me but especially now during Covid time, I’m even more practical in making sure I’m super clean and washing hands more consistently than ever before, so it’s perfect time to release this song called hygiene.”

stated Spice.

She then concluded with this statement,

“2021.. Just expect more music, i didn’t see my fans enough this year and me feel a way about it”

Stated Spice.

Hygiene‘ is the third music video the QOD has released since entering the Month of December will undoubtedly climb charts! The all female militia themed visuals portray Spice leading an all-female army performing various acrobatic stunts and then shifts to multiple scenes of her in a laundromat, in the shower and then in her bedroom which all indicates she’s keeping herself clean at all times.

With her workhorse mentality and sheer determination to always exceed her previous moves and possessing the ability to always be the topic of discussion in Dancehall, Spice is unarguably still and will remain the Queen Of Dancehall for a few more years to come.

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Romario English, known professionally as Romieikon, is a Jamaican dancehall influencer, producer, recording artist and songwriter. Beginning his career in the latter years of the 2000 decade, where he pursed being a disco-jock under the moniker 'DJRomiie' while attending Cornwall College high school in Montego-Bay St James.