In her latest release, ‘Broken Wings’,  Dancehall fusion artiste Tashina Muzik offers her fans a look into her own rags to riches story while offering them motivation.

The single describes Tashina’s determination to foster positive changes in her life while assuring her fans through her catchy hook that they too can fly again even with broken wings.

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The single made its way to stores on January 1st, as a collaborative project among JB Production, Dynasty Records and DJ Mac Productions. 

In an effort to further transcend her message, Tashina Muzik opted to drop the visuals for the track immediately after the single’s release.

The video has since garnered thousands of streams with fans leaving rave reviews about the message while complimenting her enthralling voice.

When asked about the tone in which she decided to kickstart the  New Year Tashina Muzik shared; “My fans always inspire me and this single is another example of their influence on the music I decide to release. During these times many people are facing the negative effects of the pandemic and this single serves as a motivator for those who feel like giving up”

“I wanted to ensure that I gave my supporters  a song they can get lost in when they feel demotivated. I intentionally made the single personal by sharing bits and pieces of my own struggle because I want my fans to know that I have been down too but I rose above it all and they can do the same” She concluded.

While she fervently promotes her latest release, Tashina has expressed that her team is currently putting together her EP and hints that she has major collaborations pending release. 

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