With both members of the popular Dancehall Duo RDX completing solo projects in recent weeks and both artistes seen just a few days ago partying at separate tables at a popular event; the rumor mill has started churning about a possible permanent dismantling of the chart topping team. Deejay ReniGAD, formerly Renigade of RDX, decided it was time to clear the air.

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The RDX brand mostly known fi girls and high energy songs. But within RDX you have ReniGad & Delomar, two individuals wid different ideas and stories fi tell’ ReniGAD explained. 

The artiste believes that there are certain songs that the RDX brand isn’t expected to deliver and so a solo project allows both artistes to express some individuality. Individuality that ReniGAD has already capitalized on with new single Block Party.

As ReniGAD mi can sing bout any topic mi want, Block Party is about how we do we ting pon we grung inna real life. Plus mi can spit some hard lyrics and flow mi couldn’t before. Its jus a different energy,” ReniGAD added

With the Covid-19 pandemic again about to cripple the entertainment scene, ReniGAD believes Block Party also speaks to the kind of small parring that will become the new norm.

People need fi party so all dem need is a quart a supm and a bluetooth box and boops… block party,” ReniGAD reiterated

As it relates to the internationally acclaimed RDX brand and possible new material, ReniGAD also made it clear that there will be new material as quite a bit has been recorded and are slated for release. However for now both artistes are focused on expressing their personal style and sound.

ReniGAD is already happy with the content of his new solo material and is preparing to add visuals to the Block Party single and new single Bag about to be officially released.

ReniGAD understands that doing a solo project will require a lot of attention and he is prepared to pull out all the stops to generate new fans for his solo material. Follow @renigad_shellaposse for updates.

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