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#HAMANTS is an abbreviation that is on everyone’s lips this weekend as Govana, formerly known as Deablo released his debut album Humans and Monsters are Not The Same.

The Dancehall superstar is showing another side to his lyrical prowess as he tackles several issues on his 14-track album including Mental Slavery, Classism, Human Rights , Government and more.

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The project features a mixture of current hits as well as fresh tracks. It sees the deejay showcasing his growth in the industry, covering a range of topics.

Govana launched the album last Wednesday at the MECA (Market Place Entertainment Centre For Arts) on Constant Spring Road and we were apart of the audience.

Here’s what our verified tastemaker Conroy ‘Hekima’ Walker had to share about the album;

“The Album showcases unseen egos of the entertainer Govana, as he expands beyond the average limitations of a ‘Dancehall’ recording artiste. He has now, in my honest opinion, a renewed sense of international potential, versatility and appreciation for music as an art and not just something that merely puts food on the table” – stated Hekima.

Notable  mentions on the HAMANTS album are the tracks; Impossible, Unanswered and Pray.

“Impossible I would say for it’s relatability and raw motivation the avid listener is now exposed to after an explosive ‘Champ’ introduction to the  HAMANT experience … then masterfully complimented by the Marcus Mosiah Garvey references.” stated an ecstatic Hekima.

“Govana displays an unexpected vulnerability to the HAMANT experience on the track entitled Unanswered. This now puts the listener in a state of disbelief and shock as you find yourself dumbfounded by keenly attentive as you further divulge into the track to hear what could he possibly say next, while saying to yourself this is not the ‘Govi Govi’ i know”

Hekima then in conclusion added,

“Finally, Pray i would say is the last track to leave a lasting impression, once again due to the relatable factor. What jamaican you knew didn’t use the phrase i had to get my hands dirty to set a plan? Within or outside of the law and I don’t think Govana could’ve done a better job on the execution of this one.”

To purchase/stream Humans and Monsters Aren’t The Same –

An overall rating of the musical ensemble would be a strong 8/10 and i look forward for all that Govana has instore for us in the near future.



Update Your Friends
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