Update Your Friends

The newly crowned Queen of Dancehall, Spice Official shared a private moment with fans on social media.

In a recent footage which now went viral, Spice Official sat down with BET for an installment of ‘#BetDownInTheDM.

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She spoke in deep detail of her strong connection with the #SpiceGang supporters and how frequently she converses with them across all platforms.

Spice Official announces wedding date and reveals that she’s expecting another child

“I respond to my fans all the time …¬† especially on instagram … I’m very close with them.” stated an elated Spice Official.

Spice made mention of two direct messages (DMS) that resonates with her; which were from  Amara La Nega & Nicki Minaj.

Both stood out mostly to the Queen Of Dancehall, as they came in the from of morale and emotional support in, what Spice describes as, a dire period in time for her.

Stream a snippet of the viral video below.


Update Your Friends
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