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Konshens teases a slightly longer teaser of his upcoming single “Pay For it” featuring the QOD Spice Official

Konshens took to instagram to reveal more information on the exclusive track, information such as the release date, the title and a slightly longer visual to increase anticipation.

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He captioned the now viral post a such, “April 16th #konshens#spice#dancehall#anthem#redreign

See post below.

Konshens first teased the collab via Instagram on On January 26th with a caption;

“🤫….🔥if u want it”

See post below;

The two are seemingly on a bus, in a retro Jamaican setting as if Spice is travelling from the country to the town while Konshens is the conductor.

Sparking some sort of ‘love at first’ vibes; however if we’re sure of anything this will be nothing close to disappointing given the two Dancehall heavyweights involved with the project.

The track serves as the first single from his upcoming album Red Reign. Set to drop later this year, the album boasts appearances from Rvssian, Spice, and more.

Update Your Friends
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