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Loop News sat down with Agent Sasco aka Assassin inside his St Andrew home to discuss the inspiration behind his new album: Theory of Reggaetivity.

Considered the ‘intellectual’s Reggae album’ , the title takes inspiration from an infamous scientific equation solved by an autistic genius, Albert Einstein.

The title, created by Agent Sasco, was deliberate because: “I wanted to approach the album with a certain freedom and the type of freedom you get from the scientific process of putting forward a series of hypotheses and experimenting to get to a finding.”

A true musician, Sasco also mentioned that as a perfectionist, there is also the fear of not being able to put forward perfect work.  “There’s always something that can be improved upon” he added.

Fresh from American music festival SXSW, Assassin performed two tracks from the album Africa and Reggae Origin; leaving his audience in awe. He takes us through, track by track, what he thinks make each stand out in their own way:

Theory of Reggaetivity – Merging the two worlds of science and music. It stands out because it explains the concept of Reggae, I put forward a couple hypotheses which will be expounded upon. Listeners will be able to take away what speaks to them and to dismiss whatever they are not aligned with.

What if Reggae – This one stands out because my superstars are on there: LC, JC and AC are included on it.

Reggae Origin – Exploring the birth of the genre. I’m yet to discover the definitive track that we can point to, to say, this is where Reggae began. It had to begin somewhere. What are the distinguishing characteristics? I used this particular track to explore those ideas.

Health & Wealth – It’s a feel good track to inspire people to get into healthy living. On the cusp of a potential Diabetes epidemic, where 1 in 11 die from the disease every year in Jamaica- an increase of 400 percent over the last four decades; this track can be considered timely.

If you see a car pulling over every minute, with the bonnet up and a man inside tinkering trying to find a quick fix, then clearly the machine isn’t fit enough to take you from point A to B. In the same way, it only makes sense you take care of yourself because if you’re breaking down all the time, it takes away from your ability to be productive.

LC (Intro) – It is fun for me to include my children on my projects. She expresses herself very confidently and she has a nice spirit. Family is something that is important to Sasco; something that his followers on social media are aware of as he constantly make posts that include his wife, Nicole and their children.

He mentions effective time management, trying to balance an active career with an equally busy family and personal life. It’s a pursuit of balance and a work in progress. To be human is to be imperfect.

Feel Highire – Mi bredren Protoje is the producer on this track and that fact alone makes this track a stand out for me.

Mix Up – It’s a real sound clash tune. It stands out because the video has been added to BET Jams and has been well received internationally.

Crazy – I got the chance to collaborate with Australian singer Elesia Limura, and it was a nice mix of genres. Just as how I have a sincere love of music, who am I to stop others from exploring Reggae as a genre of music?

Africa – I discuss a standout continent and its people. Which is relevant as it sparks discussion about the PR coming out around Africa over the past decades.

JOB – Though it’s a skit, it does a good job of capturing an emotion- the stress, hard work and endurance required to come out on top.

No Slave – Ska plays a big part in the musical process of this song. I partnered with another standout artiste in Chronixx. Ska is ska, it’s just there- no mixing or twisting required.

Stronger – There’s a certain sincerity in this project and the song has resonated with people. I hear lots of feedback that people are really motivated by the message.

Country Bus – The move from the rural extremities to urban centres is something that many can relate to.

Day In Day Out – I wrote the guitar progression while learning to play so it was a little special for me.

The album was recorded from October 2015 until early 2016 and I have to big up all those involved: from production to graphic design who helped to take my ideas to reality.

One of the buck- up (a Jamaican/ Patois term for the word coincidental) discoveries is that the musical scale E= C M is a relative scale where notes are relative to others. The scale underscores the whole movement and within music, there is a connection among the notes E, C sharp which is represented by the M.


Update Your Friends