Update Your Friends

Seems it’s the norm these days for recording artistes to take their feuds online.

So on Saturday it was no different when Dancehall artiste Aidonia took to social media to take jabs at his current rival Masicka.

“DEM ONLY BAD INNA CAPTION! GEEK DEM ! A WHO DEM? ??? #badanyweh,” the ‘Banga’ singer wrote. Aidonia’s comments comes days after dissing Masicka during his show in Atlanta. The ‘Hardball’ deejay took to his Instagram account earlier last week to say, “Dem know wa time it is. Trustme.”

Aidonia’s post however was supported by Dancehall artiste Popcaan and Beenie Man both of whom are currently feuding with Vendetta deejay Alkaline.

“Them Fave Ediot,” the ‘Unruly Boss’ wrote. while the ‘King of Dancehall’ Beenie Man laughed.

Update Your Friends