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Aidonia has reignited the long-standing feud between himself and younger opponent Masicka in his latest releases ‘Hot Tool.’

The ‘Banga’ deejay can be heard voicing gritty, hard-hitting lyrics which Dancehall Insiders are claiming to be aimed at the Masicka and his ‘Genasyde’ cronies.

Aidonia states; ‘Hot Tool ! Some P*ssy  Just A Sing Bad Man Tune” He then even continue to attack an evidently younger Masicka by stating “… Killing A Sin, ANuh Sittin FI Pickney Try, Pull Back The Hamma Anuh, Inna Face Me Fling The Five.”

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Aidonia and his 4th Genna Squad are currently on a  campaign to ignite the Winter, like that of his successful Summer 17 sitnt.

Stream Below.

Update Your Friends
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