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The ‘Manhimself’ has once again captured the attention of many for an image of himself which has recently went viral.

An image of Alkaline has surfaced online which displays the deejay sitting on a very controversially titled bucket with the writing ‘Rona’ on it.

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This comes as no surprise as Alkaline’s long-time rival Popcaan’s mother’s who’s popularly referred to as ‘Rhona Or Miss Rhona.’

Many online are stating that Alkaline is now journeying along a very dangerous path by bringing immediate family mixed into his personal vendetta against Popcaan.

However, Alkaline has made several other attempts prior to this incident to taunt Popcaan, by using the ‘Unruly King’s’ mother; in his smash hit single Microwave.

Fans are left at a stand still wondering if this image was intentionally leaked or was this extremely coincidental?

See Image Below.

Update Your Friends
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