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Alkaline and members of the Vendetta Clan are currently enjoying their vacation in Dubai.

The “Pretty Girl Team” deejay and his Vendetta team left London and travelled to the United Arab Emirates city earlier this week.

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After a few snaps from his sister/manager Kareena Beckford.

Alkaline took to Instagram shared photos from his Dubai vacation on Thursday.


Meanwhile, Alkaline has released a statement after his show in Brixton was cancelled on Sunday.

Fans of the Dancehall artist were left disappointed when promoters were forced to cancel the show citing public safety.

Hundreds of Vendetta fans reportedly broke into the venue after they refused to pay for tickets.

In a statement released on Tuesday via his official website Alkaline Music, the “Champion Boy” deejay apologised to his fans.

“We apologize to all our fans who came out to see Alkaline at the O2 Brixton Academy,” the statement read.

“It was an unfortunate situation, as the artiste himself was disappointed, he was ready to perform for his fans.”

“However, as a result of failure to control the crowd, and the assessment of potential damages, the event could not go on and for this we apologize to the fans and all who were affected as a result.”

Update Your Friends
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