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Dancehall artiste Alkaline celebrated his 23rd birthday on Monday and the Vendetta deejay did it big with some new assets.

To mark his special day the Vendetta deejay purchased a brand new 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and new property at an undisclosed location.

After not posting on social media since early October, the ‘Badness It Name’ deejay finally uploaded a photo posing in front his sleek SUV with a cryptic caption for his birthday, he simply wrote “Young.”

Alkaline’s producer DJ Frass later congratulated the deejay on purchase and also confirmed the deejay also bought a new home.

Proud a u Alkaline house an Benz truck one time at 23 that’s a very great move,” He wrote. “Wen me see u last night an me see zero km pon the clock know a Di first it a drive lol house an car nah fallow fool with car an car,” Frass added.

Update Your Friends