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Enigmatic Dancehall prodigy Alkaline oc Earlan Bartley is fully prepared for his debut album, ‘New Level Unlocked’ which includes productions alongside DJ Frass, Dj Sunshine and Lee Milla Production.

Alkaline states, “New Level Unlocked for me is just taking everything you’ve experienced in life as a lesson and using that lesson learned as motivation to go harder and to be better. As long as you’re alive there are levels to be unlocked; places you’ve never been, things you’ve never seen. The goal is not necessarily to attain but rather to maintain always moving up never get complacent or washed up

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The Album is now available on Itunes and is set for a March 25, 2016 worldwide release.

This album is packed with hardcore rhymes, killer hooks, and represents an Alkaline the masses will be able to relate to. Alkaline is dj-ing about life experiences, life lessons and unlocking new levels in life.


1  Conquer The World
2  City
3  Wait Yuh Turn
4  Champion Boy
5  Told U I Was Right
6  Like Me (feat. Bobby V)
7  One More Time
8  Side Chick
9  Direction
10 Tom Taam
11 Somebody Great
12 One Life
13 Try Again
14 ATM
15 Outro

Listen Pre=releases of the album below;

Update Your Friends
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