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Prominent Dancehall producer DJ Frass is looking to win a Grammy with Alkaline’s successful album, ‘New Level Unlocked’.

Frass makes it known that ‘New Level Unlocked’ is the only Dancehall Album on the Billboard charts currently & with his recent success with grammy winning ‘Strictly Roots’ with Morgan Heritage claims Alkaline’s album is grammy worthy.

“We are looking to go to the highest level with this album, and we aimed for difference. This could be my second Grammy, who knows? Wi nuh done promote as yet because we have CD and vinyl versions to be released. Based on how positive sales are going, a Grammy is very much possible, a dat wi a hope for. This is good for dancehall and reggae because, if you check the chart the album is representing well for us and is competing with the foreign artistes weh a duh reggae, and a lead wi as it relates to sales,” he said.

The album’s commercial success is a huge surprise to critics, as Alkaline is not signed to a major record label.

“We spent our own money on the production and made sure that we did the correct mastering of every single song. Big up Lee Miller, DJ Sunshine, Chimney Records, Birch, and Red Boom because teamwork makes the dream work,” Frass told THE STAR. “Some people are surprised, but I am not surprised because we already had a plan and the album is world class. Based on the popularity of the songs on social media, I knew something special was going to happen.”


Update Your Friends