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The self proclaimed ‘Champion Boy’  has decided to tell his side of the story with his second single of the year, after fans we’re left wanting more after Alkaline releases first official single for 2016


Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, took a different approach with this one on the Good Good produced riddim  entitled “Cure Pain Riddim”

Alka can be heard on the tracking pleading with his significant other to “please fight back” as he confesses he is deeply in love with her and they should make it work, despite his possible infidelities or personal issues.

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@thealkaline2016 tells his side of the story in a lovers anthem released today… It's been a while since we've heard Alkaline sing about love problems. But it's a new year, with that comes resolutions and sometimes confessions. My Side of the Story was just released this morning and if you listen between the lyrics you'll find how personal Alka gets. He's sharing a deep story with fans and they're loving it. It also feels like Alkaline is more grown up on this track, he admits that he changed and fucked up. He even begs for his girl to "please fight back". But the love is really felt in the chorus when Alka sings "Please baby, don't throw it all away, me might have fuck up but no give up on me". Alkaline goes on to confess that he's selfish and sings about some real drama when telling his side of the story. This song could be a response to reports that circulated last fall that he was allegedly engaged to a girl in Miami. Either way My Side of the Story is connecting with fans, it's the kind of song that will save relationships, it's also heightening the excitment for the release of Alka's album. We know it's coming sometime in February but there is no "definite date as yet" according to his manager @kereberry_new_era_ent .

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Vendetta fans are still eagerly awaiting the release of his ‘rumored’ 13-track EP entitled “New Level Unlocked?” Think it’ll be worth the wait? We sure do.

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Update Your Friends