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Alkaline’s New Rules, New York Concert surpasses all limitations

Alkaline’s New Rules, New York Concert surpasses all limitations
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It was once again another Jam-packet Saturday night, as Alkaline took his trademark concert New Rules to New York City.

This year’s staging of the event was organized by  Alkaline, New Era Productions and newly onboard PlugMan Ent at the Amazura nightclub in Queens, NY.

The anxiety throughout the city was so evident, patrons were seen in queue as early as 9p.m. (An hour ahead of schedule)

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The evening commenced with superb selections from the Jabba-led Massive B sound, Bronx’s own Platinum Kids with the upcoming acts Kappa, Corry Dip, Melta Lion and surprise appearances from Flexxx and Mumzel.

As anticipation grew larger for the main events, Dovey Magnum was the first of the trio to begin the long-awaited festivities.

Dovey, as expected, delivered a very raunchy, explosive yet  professional display of theatrics for her smash hit singles ‘Prayer Me Use And Win,’ ‘Bawl Out’ and most recent ‘Mademoiselle.’

Magnum was then followed by the ‘Great Man’ Jahmiel; who oozed composure and jaw-dropping confidence as he brought unsuspecting fans to higher levels of euphoria, by masterfully dominating the stage while captivating the attention of the patrons from beginning to his very last word.

Jahmiel then gave a grand introduction to the man of the hour Alkaline, the arena immediately went into a frenzy as he blazed unto the stage reciting his 2016 chart-topping single ‘Champion Boy.’

The ‘Manhimself’ proceeded to display his evident growth in relation to stage performances, as he effortlessly glided from both ends of the stage, interacting with his overly eager fans and sound system operators, dropping on-cue dramatic pauses and his familiar catch phrases ‘Ossh,’ ‘Torch,’ etc

Alkaline hasn’t performed for his New York audience since December 2014 when he first performed in the city alongside Mavado inside the Amazura night club.


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