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Living Legend and Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer, oc Rodney Pryce has recently criticized the Jamaican government for their lack of support towards Reggae & Dancehall music, and attempting to make the genres scapegoats for the country’s high crime rates.

In a recent interview with The Star the iconic deejay bashed the Jamaican government for blaming the country’s problems on music. According to the “Look in To My Eyes” deejay, the government should do more to help Reggae music instead of fighting it.

According to Pryce, if politicians cannot support Dancehall & Reggae music they should just leave it alone. The outspoken deejay went on to question how politicians declare the month of February “Reggae Month,” and yet they stifle events and musical gatherings just the same.

Bounty went on to suggest that government should press forward with the establishment of entertainment zones, a concept that was first proposed by former junior minister Damion Crawford.

His comments follow recent accusations of Dancehall music being a significant contributor to the moral decay in society by some politicians. Bounty Killer however believes the genre needs to be supported and not oppressed.

Update Your Friends