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In a world that is driven my social media, a young digital marketer, Netania, decided to start a podcast that serves to highlight factors affecting various demographics.

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NetsChat’ Podcast is a weekly series tackling topics such as relationships, education, career and mental health issues that are relatable to a wide audience ranging from high school students to corporate managers and the wider Jamaican diaspora. 

“Nets Chat, in my honest opinion is the perfect blend of passion, patois and patriotism. The hosts are addictively entertaining, the show overall provides comedic relief”

Netania of NetsChat

“For the first streaming of the podcast, I had a guest by the name of Danielle, her views were so excellent that I decided to bring her on as a co host. I always felt like my platform, needed something more and it turns out that a second host was the solution” Said Netania.

Almost a year after the launch, it is currently streaming on several platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

In recent times, it also charted in over twenty countries and has occupied the the #1 spot on the Apple charts since streaming episodes.

Denille of NetsChat Podcast

“When I was approached about the opportunity to co host, I immediately took it because media is my forte. The podcast gives younger people, especially, a medium through which they can share experiences while listening to the experiences of others without feeling left out” Said Denille 

Based on the momentum the podcast has been gaining, Netania and her team has copped several major interviews, including Loop News as well as the opportunity to speak at several high-profile functions and seminars.

Netania and Denille will be embarking on new ventures in coming months in a bid to make their program of the highest quality possible for their listeners.  

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Update Your Friends
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