Update Your Friends

Dancehall artiste Chi Ching Ching is currently in Canada chilling with Drake and his OVO crew.

The Unruly Entertainment signed artiste has been busy on social media uploading photos since his arrival in Toronto. Ching who has become a household name in recent time, wants his fans to know that things won’t be changing due to his newly found fame and attention overseas.

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The ‘Roast or Fry’ deejay took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a heartfelt message.

Plz Don’t Let Instagram Fool U There Are Ppl With Only 10 likes That Have Plenty Of Friends And Ppl With Over A Thousand likes And Extremely Lonely. U Have Couples Seems To Be Happy On Instagram That Are In A Dysfunctional Relationships.. Nuff Girls Me See Expose There Body On Instagram Yet Still There The Ones Who Feel Most Insecure… The Man Dem Weh Show Of Dem Flashy LifeStyles Is The Same Ones Struggling With A Lot Of Debt. Things Are Not What They Appear To Be At Times Don’t Let Social Media Mash Up Your Life Just Remember Appearances are just appearances. I PROMISE I WILL REMAIN HUMBLE AND NOT LET THE LIKES GET TO ME OR THE HYPE OR THE FAME I do music and will try my best to keep entertain u all By the power and the blessings from God” He captioned the post.


Update Your Friends
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