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Dancehall superstars Chronic Law and Jahmiel have decided to settle long going feud on record !

Within 72 hours both act have released gritty, yet extremely witty and violent tracks aimed at discredit each other’s musical prowess.

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Forget subliminal or ‘sneak’ disses within lyrics, dancehall artiste Jahmiel has brought the feud to a first name basis with his nemesis, Ackeme Campbell otherwise known as Chronic Law.

The latest singles from both entertainers of the lyrical onslaught “Chip Glock” & “Relevant” have Dancehall fans tongues wagging all weekend long!

Jahmiel vigorously stated,

“Ackeme Campbell yuh f**king life yuh go gamble … da duppy maker yuh a go be mi next example, trample face under mi ankle, eagle mout dat a triangle, buss di head kill di egg, Humpty Dumpty scramble”.

Which is in direct response to Law’s,

“A nuh great man a waste man yuh hear dat, dem strongest soldier nuh brave like a Dahlia.”

Stream The Diss Tracks Below.




Update Your Friends
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