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Chronixx makes his Japanese debut in late May with three club dates in major cities.

The shows are promoted by the Mighty Crown sound system as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations.

The singjay’s first gig is scheduled for May 26 at Big Cat in Osaka. He moves to Club Citta in Kawasaki the following day, and closes at the Billboard in Tokyo on the 28th.

Samuel ‘Sami T’ Tse, who co-founded Mighty Crown in 1991 in his home city of Kawasaki, believes the Chronixx shows are important considering he is largely unknown in Japan.

“I just want di Japan people fi see and witness wah gwaan on di other side a di globe. Honestly. he’s not as big as in Europe or America but is one of the hottest out deh so wi waan support di movement,” he said.

Chronixx is considered one of the unofficial leaders of reggae’s neo-roots movement with songs like They Don’t Know, Here Comes Trouble and Smile Jamaica.

Sami T and his brother, known as Masta Simon, are co-founders of Mighty Crown which is one of the top sound systems in the world.

Ninjacrown and Cojie are the other selectors on the ‘sound’ which recently completed shows in the United Kingdom with Tarrus Riley and Assassin.


Update Your Friends