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US Based recording artiste Corry Dip is back again with ‘You’re The One’.

The single, which was produced by Studio 91 Records, was released on YouTube on February 28. He said the song is aimed at the female audience.

“I expect this single to make rounds on the dancehall scene, especially in Caribbean and New York clubs. The reception has been good so far, I have gained followers from various Caribbean countries as well as airplay in New York,” said Corry Dip.

Corry Dip, who is known for his breakout single Straight To The Top, shared that he plans to visit Jamaica on a small promotional tour in the coming months to promote You’re The One.

“When you’re a dancehall/reggae artiste, it is important to take the music to its roots and properly utilise the grounds on which it stands. I plan on taking on the streets with the ladies before I tackle airplay. My approach is different and I am confident that it will work,” he said.

While fervently working on his career, Corry Dip expresses that his main objective is to create a discography of tracks that will push his career to a higher level for 2017.

The artiste is looking forward to the release of his new tracks, Those were The Days and Life Of The Party, which will be strategically released and aimed at two different audiences, in a bid to display his versatility.

Update Your Friends


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