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Son of Legendary Reggae musician Bob Marley, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley was criticized severely after he uploaded the promotional photo for his new single ‘Nail Pon Cross.’

The controversial image which was posted on social media earlier this week shows the ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ singer on a cross with his hands and feet bound similarly to a photo of the crucifixion.

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Many fans have since voiced their disgust at the photo online.

“Mocking Jesus ? Karma will get you.,” One social media user comment.

“Only one man pon cross and He got to be Jesus the son of God. Dis are disrespectful to mother nature. Mi nuh like di art Mr Gong,” Another posted.

“This picture is horrible and sacrilegious.. I love Marley music but this is making me rethink about listening to you. Mr Bob Marley would not be proud of this,” one said.

However a few have kept an open mind on the image hoping the music will paint a better picture. “I couldn’t expect this from gong but don’t wanna judge before listening the message of the music,” one user stated.

‘Nail Pon Cross’ is now exclusively on Tidal.

Update Your Friends
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