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This week so far in Dancehall has been very eventful; from the arrest of Popcaan during a performance in Antigua, to the ‘Worl Boss’ releasing a new single along with visuals off his 2016’s album ‘King Of The Dancehall’

During his set in Antigua, the ‘Unruly Boss’ was greeted by an over-eager patron alongside him who simply just wanted to share in on moment. However,  the relevant authorities were not fond of the act and forcefully removed the patron off stage.

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Popcaan, however tried to handle the situation in a more professional manner by saying;

“Yea man, a Unruly party… level… a Unruly Boss deh yah, suh yuh know unruly things affi gwan” Popcaan said over the microphone before begging the officer to be more gentle with the fan.

“Police.. tek time wid him police, mi done tell yuh nuh deal wid dem suh rough” Poppi said before trying to assist the fan over the speak box to exit the stage.

his actions seemingly took a turn for the worse which resulted in him getting manhandled by the cops.

Vybz Kartel released the first track on his 2016 “King Of The Dancehall Album” slated for a June 06, 2016 release.

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The project is a 14-track collaborative effort between Adidjahiem Records and TJ Records in association with Zojak World Wide for all distribution purposes.

An aggravated  Lee stated that, if he’s such a non entity in Dancehall why is his image still the on the fore-front of the genre? As he proceeded  taking jabs at Alkaline & Vybz Kartel as well as other DJ’s.

“Everybody a work offa Tommy Lee image; Alkaline, Vybz Kartel, everybody. A Tommy Lee image, me rope twist, tattoo, everything me a tell you”  stated Tommy Lee Sparta


Hype unapologetically stated, he believes most of the artiste are unappreciative of what Kartel has done for them.

Popcaan a one a my biggest disappointment, because when the general buss unuh, him show unuh the realest way” stated a disgruntled Hype.


Update Your Friends