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Magnum King 2015, Devin Di Dakta, has spoken his half on what occurred at popular nightclub Taboo, in a song entitled “Wah Gwan”

Devin’s recollection:

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“As me reach out a door, blow! Box from Corey Todd!
Me tek a couple more even though me know me bad,
Cause a bere big security man a hold me.
Bere box inna me face, likkle most me mad.
Me get a few kicks and a couple more box.
From me own belt, a couple more slaps.
Corey Todd say ‘you caan go station cause the cops can’t do nutten bout dat’.”

Listen Wha Gwan Below:

Initial reports claimed that the 2015 Magnum King had  harassed a dancer, and had to be removed from the club by security  then dosed with a severe trashing from club owner Corey Todd.

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However Devin’s manager Shellyann Curran claimed that’s not how things went down, in fact she stated the report was fabricated by Todd and his team and several media outlets were paid to post the story, she also claims that legal action will be taken against a popular news outlet and dancehall publicist.



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