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The World’s largest one night Reggae show has confirmed its dates for this year’s staging  July 17- 23 in Montego-Bay,  Jamaica.

According to sources close to the concert, they will be fully unveiling the lineup for the entire Dancehall night on the first week of June.

Popular acts Ding Dong & Agent Sasco have already been confirmed to stage an appearance as an attempt to ‘tease’  patrons on the upcoming event.

Bogdanovich, who recently acquired the Iconic Reggae festival, in recent weeks revealed that over the past few years, the overhead costs to secure an international act for the festival had become too expensive.

“The kind of cost and money that is spent on international acts has become prohibitive,” he said. “We’d rather not spend money on the outside, but to support our own.”

Former executive Director of Summerfest Productions, producer of Reggae Sumfest, Johnny Gourzong, said that even before the announcement that Bogdanovich had acquired the Reggae Sumfest brand, the board of directors had been thinking about pulling the plug on International Night.

“The time had come where we wanted to rebrand, and with Mr Bogdanovich’s transition into the company, it was just the right timing to rebrand Reggae Sumfest as a Reggae festival,” he said, adding that this move has been in the pipeline for the past two years.

He added that it can cost organizers up to US$2 million (J$248 million) to book an international act, depending on who it is.

Over the past few years international acts such as Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, TI, Common and Jennifer Hudson have performed on the event.

Gourzong also explained that if the festival continues to book leading overseas acts, the board would be forced to raise ticket prices and this would probably be too expensive for the average Jamaican.

Although there will be no international act for this year’s festival, organizers are optimistic that the local acts will be enough to ensure a sold-out audience on both nights of concert.

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Update Your Friends