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UK based Dancehall recording artiste Don Andre is adamant that his now-viral Whatsapp screenshot of an alleged conversation with The ‘Queen Of The Stage’ Spice is real.

After the ‘Needle Eye’ deejay insulted the ‘Tom Cruise’ singer during her set on Dancehall night at Reggae Sumfest 2016, Don Andre took to social media to expose Spice as a hypocrite and backstabber.

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According to Andre, Spice only insulted him and his single after he rejected to perform with her last Friday night.

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“I only released the messages to add some clarity to the situation because I am not in music for the drama,” He said.

Don Andre says the entire situation is just sad, especially because he has nothing but love and admiration for the female dancehall artiste and her work ethic. However he says this is just another attempt for Spice to be in the news because that’s what she loves.

He added that, “Being on Sumfest was a dream come true, and it’s sad to see an icon (Spice) trying to stop that.”

Andre says Spice is now doing the same things she once accused former Dancehall Queen Lady Saw of doing to her in the past, “I also find that ironic since Spice used to accuse Lady Saw of the same thing she is doing. Anyway, I love you Spice, but what you did was hypocritical.”

Update Your Friends
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