Update Your Friends

UK based Dancehall act ‘Mr Tom Cruise” oc Don Andre took some serious jabs at self proclaimed ‘Stage Show Boss’ Spice following her stunt at Reggae Sumfest 2016, dissing a series of artistes, Don Andre included.

Spice remixed Andre’s hit single ‘Tom Cruise’ during her set addressing the problems she has with the single.

“Nuff a dem man deh a gay man, and a hide and a gwan like dem a straight man,” Spice deejays.

The ‘Jog’ deejay says Spice’s insults doesn’t come as a surprise as this is what happens with success, there is always someone who will try to bring you down.

“Anywhere there is success there is always a hater trying to stop it. Tom Cruise is in high rotation in several countries and the most popular dancehall move right now. I just got an award from veteran sound system Stone Love to endorse that,” He said.

Don Andre added that, “Spice needs to just leave me alone and work on getting an up to date number one song like, Tom Cruise. Her last number one was two years ago. Right now she’s working desperately in the streets for a song to hit like Tom Cruise.”

“Spice needs to find back her gear; she’s running out of steam. She should focus on her botched assets and figure out how she’s going to get them corrected and leave me out of her loose arguments,” he said.

Update Your Friends