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Dynamixx dance group scored a perfect score of 30 points after putting on a sensational display during last Saturday’s Charles Chocolates Dancin’ Dynamites at the Karl Hendrikson Auditorium, Jamaica College, Old Hope Road, St Andrew.

Resident judges Orville Hall and Kerry-Ann Henry and guest judge Jermaine Matthews gave them 10s. “This is the baddest choreography for the night,” Hall said as he stepped up to the group’s youngest dancer, who is only 10, and told her: “You are the baddest dancer.” Dynamixx received $30,000 to share among themselves.

Citi Dancers was also a crowd favourite as they wowed the crowd and audience with their dance inspired by the popular cartoon Pinky and the Brain and tabulated 29 points from the judges. The little girl who was Pinky was flawless, flexible, and a delightful to watch, and she complemented the seasoned dancers during their routine.

Henry gave them nine and commented that the little girl was the “brain” of the dance. Hall and Matthews flashed 10s. The third-best dancers in terms of judges’ scores were Street Team, who tabulated 28 points, and all the judges agreed that they did a good job in terms of vibes, energy, and entertainment value.

Extreme Pushers, who portrayed characters from Fantastic Four, were commended for their body-painting job, done by designers Eon and Robby from Free Spiritz Jamaica. They were scolded, however, by the judges for doing more drama than dancing. Breezy Squad, who is closest to the bottom of the standings in terms of vote accumulations, didn’t lived up to expectation, and Overload Skankas’ effort was weak.


Update Your Friends