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It was all fun and jokes until popular B.E.T actor Kendall Kyndall, offended fans of the Jamaican recording artiste Spice.

Kyndall, who is popularly known for his very comical, weekly recaps of VH1’s hit TV-series “Love & HipHop,” yesterday uploaded a video as he usually would of the cast making a candid trip to jamaica and hooked up with Spice.

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Throughout the soon to be viral video, Kyndall could be heard mocking the ‘Sheet’ creator’s choice of hair color, make-up job and many other derogatory statements in a comical manner.

Fans of the ‘Queen Of Stage’ weren”t having it, they immediately took to his social media to issue derogatory statements of their own.

Comments such as;

“Nigga u stupid yuh cyah style d queen a dancehall… P**sy yuh cyah get nuh hype afa spice”

“He lives under a rock f*cking twat”

“Bumboclaat batty boy you ago leave spice alone. Try nuh walk alone. We ago done u any weh wi buck u.”

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Update Your Friends
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