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Released last Friday, the ‘Affirmation’ rhythm comes to us as a joint project between Halcyon Music And Deeclef Music. 

Featured on the rhythm are: Deeclef (Sexy Physique), Fully Bad (Ryder), Take Ova ( Skillful), Brando Caviir (Insomnia) and Sulfa (Move On).

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Fully Bad
Fully Bad

Each song speaks to who is listening in a different way,  Deeclef gave the ladies something sexy, Fully Bad gave the ladies something to boost their confidence, Take Ova dropped a money anthem, Brando Caviir represented for the females who know how to please a man while Sulfa let everyone know men can walk away from toxic situations too. 

When asked about the project Halcyon had this to say; 

“The riddim has been doing well so far and I have to give thanks to all who is making it a success. We have been getting alot of international airplay,  the streaming numbers are looking good thus far and the campaign has been doing well because everyone on the team is like minded”.


Anton Cawley, a representative of Deeclef Music later added;

“Each song appeals to a different demographic and as such all the songs have their own bragging rights. We put alot of time into this project so our supporters could have the best product there is and I am pleased with the overall response we have been getting so far. Fans are asking for visuals and we feel we should oblige so our team is working overtime on making this possible as well”.

In coming months fans can look out for Deeclef’s “Agape” EP. 

Update Your Friends
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