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The ‘Walking Gun’, dancehall artiste Gage Almighty has responded to allegations that he has been sleeping in his car because he is homeless and broke in video posted on his Facebook page.

In the four-minute video the deejay refuted reports on Jamaican blogs that he had been living in his car since his split from management team Dutty Fridaze Promotions.

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“Me no sleep inna car but even if me did a sleep inna car at least me have that,” said the artiste.

The allegations about Gage emerged recently when several Jamaican blog sites posted that the artiste was unable to afford a home or even a meal.

According to the various websites, their sources have confirmed that he could not afford basic amenities.

“Can’t even afford a blue soap fi wash out him white clothes … him not even can pay toll,” was what several of the blog sites posted.

Gage blasted social media users that he claims are laughing at his demise saying they are also mocking the poor Jamaicans.

“There are 100,000 people who can’t buy a meal and laughing at me is like laughing at poor people,” he concluded.

Business Relationship

He posited that it should not be an issue if he is unable to pay for basic necessities like the blogs alleged.

“If me can’t buy a meal, me no commit no crime,” he said in his rant.

The artiste who is best known for the single, Throat, acknowledged that his business relationship with his former management had ended but stated that he was grateful the work they had done for him.

“Me always haffi big up Dutty Fridaze because a dem carry me from far and me glad fi that,” said the artiste.

He also denied that there was any animosity between him and his former management.

The deejay concluded the video stating that his focus was on creating more music.

“Me still a do music, so unnu just big up unnu self,” he said while not stating if he was working with any specific producers at this time.

Gage came to prominence in 2013 with his popular single Throat, which he later followed up with Kitty Kat.

Update Your Friends
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