Update Your Friends

Fans of Incarcerated Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel took to social media on Wednesday night to attack Opposition Spokesperson on Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna, following her recent call for the self-proclaimed “Worl Boss” to be banned for the airwaves of Jamaica.

Gaza fans showed their support in numbers from all walks of the earth including Jamaica, a plethora of derogatory of comments on the frequent Hannah’s  user’s account. Comments stemming from requesting her to explore her mother’s body in sexual ways to simply them stating they have lost all respect for the politician and will not be voting for her or the People’s National Party (PNP) again.

On Wednesday Lisa Hanna called for Vybz Kartel’s music to be banned from playing on the radio in Jamaica. “The issue where Kartel’s music keeps coming out more than any other person because i haven’t heard any new songs from Buju since he has been incarcerated, i think we need to get to the root cause of that,” She said during an interview.

“We need to find out how the songs are being made, how they are getting out, is there corruption in the prison system,” she added.

Hanna however stated she’s not only against the self-proclaimed “Worl Boss” being played on the local airwaves but any convicted criminal,”If you are convicted until you are not convicted perhaps it is your music needs not be played on the radio,”  she said.


Update Your Friends