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Reggae singer Jah Cure is back on top of the Billboard Reggae album charts with his Grammy nominated album, ‘The Cure’.


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The album’s return to the top of the Billboard chart comes 26 weeks after the album first made its debut at the top of the chart.

Released in July by VP Records, the album has garnered both critical and commercial acclaim. Initially, the album topped Billboard’s Reggae Album for three weeks before becoming a fixture in the top 10 of the chart for the last 26 weeks. In December, it was reported that the album had sold just over 10,000 copies, according to sales monitor Soundscan.

Since the Grammy nomination was announced, The Cure has received a fillip in sales.

“I have been campaigning hard to raise awareness of the album, hopefully with voters in the Academy, but that campaigning has boosted sales. Right now, The Cure is approaching 15,000 copies,” a proud Jah Cure said.

Jah Cure’s return to the apex of the Billboard reggae charts is not unprecedented. In 2014, Bob Marley’s 1984 Legend album zoomed from No 100 to No 5 on the Billboard 200 chart in September of that year thanks to deep discounting at the Google Play store during the tracking week that ended September 7. Marley also held the number one position on the Billboard reggae charts , returning after a hiatus of almost two decades.

The retailer slashed the album’s price to 99 cents (down from normally around $9), helping spark its 41,000 sales for the week (up 1,166 percent).

Still, Jah Cure is one of only a handful of black reggae artistes who is competing well with white reggae bands in terms of commercial appeal and raw sales in the reggae industry today.

“If you’re not selling units, and you are not being nominated for awards, then yu just a talk,” he said.

The 37-year-old singer got a Grammy nomination with The Cure, is one of five nominees for Best Reggae Album at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

“I feel blessed to be where I am today, because for a man who cannot tour Canada, UK, or the US, I am putting in the work to stay relevant,” he said.

Jah Cure co-produced the entire album with the help of reggae producers like Christopher “Sketch” Carey, Clive Hunt, Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown, Justin “Jus Bus” Nation and Trevor “Baby G” James.

During the summer, Jah Cure toured Europe to promote the set, his first in three years.

The 58th Grammy Awards takes place February 15 at the Staple Center in Los Angeles.


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