Update Your Friends

On another episode of “Keep Up With The Bops” some things aren’t adding up with the infamous Dancehall “power couple”, Gully Bop earlier this morning (Tuesday, January 12, 2016) made an Instagram post stating his ex-girlfriends Shauna Chin is his “Day One” and that people  seemingly do not want to see him with Chin saying,  “dem nuh wa see together”

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The two have been making rounds online for the past few weeks after Chin uploaded a video claiming that Bop was trying to take her life, soon after the “Wuk Affa Mi” deejay claimed he was victim stating infidelity on Shauna’s part during a “convenient” Onstage interview just hours after the alleged incident.

Fans have since been bombarded with a series of diss tracks, videos, photos and television interviews, with each story contradicting the other.


Update Your Friends
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