Update Your Friends

Despite being one of the two females booked for Reggae Sumfest 2016’s Dancehall night, ‘Miss Legendary’  oc recording artiste Ishawna was a no-show at the event.

The ‘Restraining Order’ singer failed to make an appearance at the show on Friday, her actions comes days after it was reported that she severed ties with her label Downsound Records.

According to reports, Ishawna parted ways with Downsound Records earlier this week, the label which played a pivotal role in her rise to popularity over the last few years. However Bogdanovich refuted the claims during a press release stating that Ishawna remained under a binding exclusive recording and performance contract with DownSound Records Limited.

Ishawna’s no-show comes as a surprise to many as Reggae Sumfest is now owned by Joe Bogdanovich, the two have been tight-lipped on the situation.

Ishawna has recently uploaded an IG post stating ‘God Knows Best’ which was recently deleted.


Update Your Friends