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Controversial Dancehall artist Ishawna has released a diss track aimed at Danielle D.I.

The former Downsound records singer rolls out a gritty diss titled ‘Heat Shot’ following the release of D.I’s ‘Talk Up.’

D.I sent Dancehall fans into a frenzy on Tuesday when she called out her longtime rival. Following the release of the single Ishawna took to her Instagram account to write, “Pressure dem like Cow Foot…” That post was quickly followed by one from the ‘Rebel’ singer who wrote, “Knowledge is power, “boss b**hes have to get their reading on.”

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Ishawna then hit back saying “Some gal head hot cause dem suck hood wid teeth…my head hot from gal fi get beat?. #PressureDem.” Which D.I responded, “Na walk x a look dick fi bite x mi pussy well tight so a bitch nuh have nutten pon mi?.”

Now Ishawna has taken it to the studio to respond, listen both singles below.

Update Your Friends
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