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Cultural experts say that Ishawna’s controversial single “Equal Rights” has signaled a change within the Dancehall industry.

The provocative single which advocates women to demand “Equal Rights” in the bedroom from their partners, is currently the hottest topic in the dancehall circle.

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The lyrics which glorify men who perform oral sex has received both praise and backlash from fans since its release.

Although the track is not the first to tackle the taboo topic, experts believe the hit single signifies a change in the usually rigid culture of dancehall.

Cultural expert Dr Donna Hope told The Star in a recent interview that Ishawna’s hit single has hit a particular nerve with some fans due to the artist’s image, a attractive woman who is demanding what she wants. A thought she claims would have been outlandish in past years.

According to hope, “Equal Rights” has opened the door for women to claim level ground in sexual discussions within dancehall culture, something that was denied for years.

Since its release, “Equal Rights” has gained both support and backlash from fans alike on social media, but the dancehall industry itself remains largely opposed to idea of what the song represents.

Many disc jocks have vowed not to support the controversial track, while several dancehall artist have also voiced their displeasure at the former Downsound Records star and the single.

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