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Making his debut performance on one of Europe’s major summer festivals, SummerJam, Jahmiel definitely stamped his mark and made patrons know why he is called ‘great man’.  SummerJam Festival takes place annually in Cologne, Germany at the Fuhlingen

Entering the stage to his hit single ‘Where Were You’ the crowd erupt, giving Jahmiel an instant feeling of gratitude and reassurance that he is on the right path. “The vibe, the energy and the love from the people was so high. The response from entering the stage to the very end never drop and I give thanks to the entire SummerJam team for giving me the opportunity on this great platform to showcase the Great Man, says Jahmiel.

                         Photo Credit: C Adri Canadas – World A Reggae

Backed by Dub Akom band Jahmiel performed a 45 minute set of songs from ‘Gain the World’, ‘Strongest Soldier’ to more recent release ‘Live Without Limits’ and every song connected with the audience. “At one point as the riddim drop it was a forward. But most importantly I realize the love and appreciation not only for the music but the culture. Have to give thanks to artists like Bob Marley, the Wailers, Dennis Brown, Third World, Jimmy Cliff, Black Uhuru and them giants who set the thing so we can come and continue the mission” says Jahmiel.
Closing his set with his breakthrough hit ‘Gain the World’, Jahmiel stepped lower into the crowd, igniting the energy of the patrons who began to jump along with Jahmiel as the band increased tempo. “That moment is one I will never forget, for such a young artist to captivate such a large crowd in unison it was just amazing. You can tell he loves music, he loves performing, he has a great future ahead of him” says Adalgar Schmidt of Switzerland.
Upon Jahmiel’s return from his European tour he is off to New York, where he is scheduled to perform at Grace Jerk Fest in Queens, New York on Sunday July 22nd.

Update Your Friends
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