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Numerous social media bloggers have named the ‘Bad ina Bed’ dancehall artiste Kalado as being the next victim to receive a beating from controversial businessman Corey Todd, as he has dissed the businessman on numerous occasions.

Devin Di Dakta was allegedly beaten at the Taboo Night Club last week because Todd disapproved of a song in which the deejay called his name in a song that was aimed at Masicka. However, dancehall artiste Kalado, who also disrespected Corey Todd in another record also aimed at Masicka, says he would not have settled with the beating.

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“As Peter Tosh says, people will say what they want to say. But from day one Kalado never went to Taboo. A regular mi and Bounty dem a par and dem seh dem a guh deh so and mi just go home because mi nuh guh dem type a place deh. But if they want to beat me, I can be found at any street dance. But any man plan to beat mi better plan to kill me because I am going to retaliate. Mi rather dash weh mi career than tek a beat up like Devin. If a even 50 years later, something has to happen,” he said.

Kalado also warned persons, who live a life a violence, to expect a visit from karma.

“You can’t expect to diss people and feel like your life is going to be peaceful. Mi nah tek nuh diss from nuh artiste because Kalado a nuh punk. Yuh couldn’t’t diss Kartel weh mek yuh guh pan TV and cry like baby. Why yuh never beat Kartel? Yuh only pick pon the weak, better yuh mek the war continue with me and Mosquito (Masicka) and leave out war yuh hear,” Kalado warned.

PLAY: Devin Di Dakta – Wha Gwan (Corey Todd Saga)

Kalado dissed Corey Todd in songs like Mass Murder and Fishy Reptiles Killing, while the most notable Devin Di Dakta song in which he appeared to throw a jab at Todd was his single Bawl & Scream in which he said, “Bout bad and haffi run when dem boss nearly dead. Only time dem see gun a when dem walk near the feds.”

Those lines appeared to allude to Corey Todd’s near death experience at his Taboo Night Club in St James some months ago.


Update Your Friends
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