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‘King of the Dancehall’ the movie is finally set to make it’s world premiere at Canada’s Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend.

The highly anticipated Nick Cannon-directed film will be released on Sunday September 11 with a star-studded cast including Nick Cannon, Busta Rhymes, Beenie Man, Whoopi Goldberg, Karl Bradshaw, Kreesha Turner, Ninja Man, Ky-Mani Marley and T.O.K.

According to the Toronto International Film Festival’s official website (http://www.tiff.net/films/king-of-the-dancehall/) ‘King of the Dancehall’ is about, Tarzan (Nick Cannon) who hatches a ganja-based scheme to cover the costs of medical care for his sick mother (Whoopi Goldberg), he has to decamp from his native New York to Kingston, Jamaica. Once on the Caribbean island, he solicits the help of his fast-talking cousin (Busta Rhymes) and makes quick headway in the world of weed. But there’s another, much tougher scene that he’s not prepared for: the dancehall.

Lost amidst the bouncing bodies and grinding hips, Tarzan needs the help of Maya (Jamaican make-up artist Kimberly Patterson) to learn the right moves. But when another woman makes her move, Tarzan is faced with the romantic decision of his life, and a choice between two very different lifestyles.

The movie is narrated by the ‘King Of Dancehall’ Beenie Man, he also delivers the official sound track for the movie.

Update Your Friends