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Jamaican dancehall artiste Khago set off a storm on social media this week when he re-emerged from a short hiatus with skin discoloration, piercings and tattoos.

Loop reports, Khago, born Ricardo Gayle, uploaded several photographs onto Facebook and Instagram between Wednesday and Friday, and had many Jamaican fans speculating whether his ‘changes’ were brought on due to the effects of skin-lightening or ‘bleaching’.

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In comparison to previous promotional images of Khago in 2009 – when he burst onto the reggae scene with his number one hit Caan Cool – the entertainer’s skin tone appears to be much lighter in his latest photographs.

Several fans also took note that he had shaved his dreadlocks, now sporting much shorter hair, which has been dyed blond at the ends.

“No sah a bleaching a run the place,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

A man asked: “Is this the Khago sky walker I know???”

Another fan suggested that the deejay ‘sold out’.

“Is money ah change the man them? Wah! Khago cut his dread,” the man exclaimed.

Skin-lightening appears to be a trend in the dancehall industry, said one Twitter user.

“But wait, how the man get so brown, everybody a get brown inna Dancehall,” the man tweeted.

On Instagram, dozens of Jamaicans compared the artiste’s change in appearance to Vybz Kartel and Alkaline’s bleaching.

“So Alkaline bleach and get bigger inna Dancehall so other man a try do it and hope it get him luck,” said one user.

Another online user posted that the entertainers are now going to extreme lengths to get attention.

“Man put things inna them eye, man a bleach the skin them get from God just fi stay relevant in Dancehall, it’s sad,” another woman contended.

After a promising 2009, which saw him get a “buss” on Dancehall extravaganza Sting, Khago continued a dominant spell on local and international airwaves with a series of successful singles including Fresh and Clean, Nah Sell Out andTun Up Di Ting.


Update Your Friends
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