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Run Road Entertainment are already creating an impact within the Dancehall industry with the first official musical project.

Their debut project entitled ‘Mac 11 Riddim,’ after being released less than a week, the compilation has entered unto the 30th spot on the Reggae Itunes Charts behind Alkaline’s New Level Unlocked.

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See Image Below.

The compilation features top sensations from the second city including; Ryme Minista, Teejay, Rickey Teetz, Chilando & most recent upcomer Shane E. They are then joined by Dancehall superstar Govana formerly known as Deablo and fast-rising act Jahvillani.

One of the founders, Rojae of Run Road Entertainment told us, “We ready for the music bredda, you nuh see say a bay star deh on the riddim. We have more projects in the pipeline. ”

Stream the entire ‘MAC 11 Riddim’ line up below.


Update Your Friends
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